We partner with Radiating Hope


What this partnership means...

We are fortunate in Alaska to have the most modern radiation technology available anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, many in other countries are not so fortunate. This is why Advanced Oncology Associates is a proud partner with Radiating Hope – a 501c(3) nonprofit which aims to improve access to radiation oncology services in the developing world.

This is possible through the prayer flag project, which enables us to "pass along a cure." For every patient treated at a participating AOA treatment center, a donation is made through the prayer flag project which allows a patient somewhere else in the world to receive radiation treatment. We will send a duplicate of your prayer flag to Radiating Hope, who will ensure your flag is carried to the tops of the world’s highest mountains such as Kilimanjaro, Denali, Aconcagua, etc.

In 2022, your flag will be carried to Mt Everest. Tibetan Prayer Flags have long represented hope, strength, and well being for the people they represent. Prayer Flags were originally used by shamans in healing ceremonies. As the fragile flags are blown in the high mountain winds, they slowly unravel, the threads blowing away into the wind.

Each thread that unravels represents a prayer of hope, strength, and health for the person it honors.

Prayer Flags
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